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Traffic safety

In the course of the Project, numerous tests were performed to study the influence on friction behaviour and on traffic safety:


• braking tests and comparative test rides on the circular track at the driver training centre of the Austrian Automobile Club (ÖAMTC) in Mödling and in Carinthia in 2009 and 2011


• grip tests by Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Transportation, in Klagenfurt, Lienz and Bruneck in 2010


• laboratory tests at the ACCT


• accident scene investigations, conflict studies in Klagenfurt, Lienz and Bruneck by the Austrian Traffic Safety Committee (2009-2012)


The Austrian Traffic Safety Committee could not establish a relationship between any of the traffic accidents or conflict situations observed on site and the application of the fine-dust glue. There have been no indications that CMA might compromise safety

Grip Tester

Grip Tester

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