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Project Short Description

The EU LIFE project CMA + (PM10 reduction by the application of liquid Calcium-Magnesium-Acetate (CMA) in the Austrian and Italian cities Klagenfurt, Bruneck and Lienz) shall be achieved a measurable reduction of the pollution.
The application of CMA as „fine dust glue“ in winter und summer should be optimized, demonstrated and evaluated.
During winter period the cities will use CMA not only as dust-binder but also as de-icing agent. At unpaved areas (construction sites, unpaved roads, gravel mining) liquid CMA will be used in the cities for dust-binding.
Tests in KAPA GS with CMA as fine dust showed significant reduction of particulate matter pollution in streets nearby.
The project CMA + has been running since January 2009 and will expire at the end of September 2012. CMA + has a total budget of € 2,720,033.00, with about € 1.344.966,50 (almost 50 %) being financed by the EU.
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