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City of Lienz

Sonnenstadt Lienz



The Environment Department as a specialist department was integrated into the service of the town council under Mayor Hubert Huber in 1992 and was established to deal with communal environment protection matters. In 1997 the town council passed a separate law for a business with market-related activity, in accordance with the Maastricht criteria. The duties and range of action include: communal waste management, general environment protection, special environment protection and air quality control.

Awards for completed projects:
1. Tyrolean Environment Award 1994: exemplary implementation in waste disposal sector
2. Tyrolean Environment Award 1995: for communal energy project for the town of Lienz
3. Environment Prize awarded by the ARGE-Alp Commission II 1997: improvement in air hygiene through Lienz communal energy project
4. Austrian Mobility Award 1998: winner in the walk and cycle sector for the cycle & railway package
5. Provincial programme for energy-efficient communities, e5, 2000: 2 Es awarded
6. Climate Alliance community competition 2000: jury’s special award
7. Provincial programme for energy-efficient communities, e5, 2001: 3 Es awarded
8. Energy Globe, Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Environment 2002; biomass regional heat and power station project

Oskar Januschke MA
Hauptplatz 7
9900 Lienz

T 0043 4852 600 ext. 570/571/572
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